Extra Virgin Olive Oil  a classic of the Mediterranean cuisine, for cooking and finishing dishes. 

Highly nutritious - rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins E, K and beneficial fatty acids. A high quality EVOO is always made from good and healthy olives, picked manually and pressed as soon as possible after harvesting, preserving all the goodness. The term virgin is a guarantee of quality.  As EVOO is unrefined it is a delicate product, and some important details must be considered for storing it. The enemies of EVOO are light, air and heat – this is why the bottles of good olive oil are made from dark glass (the darker the better) and why at home if you are not going through a vast quantity of EVOO it is better to have small bottles, this way the exposure to air is minimized. Also keeping the bottle close to the stove or in direct sunlight is not good because of the heat exposure.