Peperita Italian 101 Organic Hot Sauce, Hot Chili Pulp Concentrate - 250 ml



  • 101 Organic Chili Sauce
    Our 101 Organic Hot Sauce will add delicious flavor and heat to any dish. The chopped peppers paired with apple vinegar and salt add a delicious upgrade to any meal.

    Heat Level 10/10
    This extra hot sauce has a harmless start for the first few seconds, then a pleasant warmth is released that allows you to enjoy your dish in a much more perceptible way. The recipe is specifically designed for those who aren’t satisfied with the extreme spiciness alone, but also want to feel all of the different characteristics and experience the aromas of the chili pepper.

    Organically Created
    Made with hot chili Capsicum Chinense peppers and apple vinegar that was grown and produced on the farm. Each ingredient is made with Organic/Biodynamic methods certified by CCPB and DEMETER and without any additives, food dyes, or chemical preservatives.

    The Rita Salvadori family farm has grown and produced the highest quality olives, extra virgin olive oil, and more for over three generations. We currently grow up to 50,000 pepper plants of about 40 different varieties. The success of Peperita is certainly due to the respect and the care with which we give our plants, but also the creativity and, above all, ongoing research on everything we grow and produce. We don't just select and make a good "peperoncino" (pepper), we're studying recipes and methodologies so we can enhance all the best features of these fruits with infinite possibilities.

  • Ingredients: Organic / Biodynamic Capsicum Chinense peppers, sea salt, and organic apple vinegar.