Organic Red Chili Linguine Pasta - Red Pepper Pasta by Morelli

Organic Red Chili Linguine Pasta by Morelli
red chili paste
Organic red chili linguine pasta

Organic Red Chili Linguine Pasta - Red Pepper Pasta by Morelli

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Linguine is a flattened version of spaghetti and this one is flavored with Italian red chili pepper making it great with any sauce you want to add some spice to.

Handmade Italian pasta with durum wheat semolina, including the wheat germ which naturally contains vitamins A, D, E, and vegetable protein. Morelli Chili Pepper Linguine pasta contains high-quality, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients and is flavored with real Italian chili peppers. This Italian pasta is made in small batches to ensure high quality.

Morelli's Chili Pepper Pasta is made with durum wheat which is high in protein, making this heirloom pasta from Italy a great way to get more protein into your day and stay full for longer.

Morelli has been creating gourmet Italian pasta in Tuscany since 1860 and is a family-run company with the 5th generation currently preserving the traditions their ancestors put into place. They utilize an artisanal method of reincorporating wheat germ into semolina to create many of their pastas with a unique taste and the aroma of wheat. Their pasta also has a high level of Vitamin A and D due to their unusual ingredients.


Durum wheat semolina, water, wheat germ, dehydrated red chili, dehydrated betroot. Contains wheat. May contain traces of; eggs, fish, or molluscs.

PAIR WITH: A touch of olive oil or butter, sage, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Also pairs well with tomato sauce and meat sauces.

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Discover Morelli's legacy: Exceptional pasta with a unique blend of tradition, quality, and unusual ingredients. We incorporate the Wheat Germ into our pasta. Try our pasta, it's something else!
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