Giusti 4 Gold Medals 15 Years Old Italian Balsamic Wine Vinegar 8.45 fl.oz./250ml


  • VECCHIO GRADE BALSAMIC VINEGAR – This premium Balsamic Vinegar by Giusti has been matured for 15 years and was born for the celebration of the 400 years of the Giusti family production, the “Quarto Centenario” is a balsamic of extreme fullness, pairing well with all of your favorite foods from meats, seafood, fruits & berries, and especially desserts.

    PURE TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA – Like all of our balsamic vinegars, this 4 gold medal winning “Quarto Centenario” balsamic vinegar is aged in wooden casks and comes straight from Modena. The grapes used are picked at their ripest from the Giusti vineyards and villa, where they are aged to perfection, professionally bottled, and exported.

    Made with only the ripest Lambrusco or Trebbiano grapes and aged to perfection in wooden casks dating back to the 1800’s, this 4 gold medal winning Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale Di Modena DOP is the result of the four century celebration of the Giusti family production of their traditional balsamic vinegars. Due to the nature of this balsamic vinegar, we only extract it from the smallest casks once every year.

    All it takes is just a few drops of this luxurious and rare traditional and award-winning balsamic vinegar over your favorite foods to make you feel like you’re right there in the Giusti vineyards in Modena, Italy. With a taste of extreme fullness, as well as being deeply aromatic, with scents of ripe fruits, accompanied by notes of tobacco, roasted coffee and hints of wood, thanks to its long ageing, it’s a taste you’ll never want to forget.

    Our “Quarto Centenario” Traditional Balsamic Vinegar also comes in a stylish collector's gift box so that if you decide to get one of these rare vinegars for a close friend or family member, they’ll immediately recognize the care and effort you put into getting them such a thoughtful and flavorful gift.