DOP Segreto Degli Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoi Cutrera

Frantoi Cutrera Segreto Degli Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil
frantoi cutrera segreto degli dei

DOP Segreto Degli Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoi Cutrera

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"Segreto Degli Iblei" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively from the local Sicilian olive variety and by cold extraction, solely by mechanical means. The secret of this protected origin olive oil is the sun and soil of the Iblei Mountains, which give it unmistakably fresh and intense aromas. The special microclimate gives the oil its unmistakable trait of intense fresh fruit. The Frantoi Cutrera family estate is situated in Chiaramonte Gulf, in the heart of southeast Sicily.

Tones of green tomato and aromatic green herbs with finishing notes of almond and artichoke, create a unique harmony between its bitter, spicy, and sweet elements. Awarded World's Best Olive Oil for 2021 in the World Olive Oil Competition and New York International Olive Oil Competition.


100% Sicilian olives. Degli Iblei

PAIR WITH: Grilled meats, fish, soups, salads, bruschetta, game, green, and grilled vegetables.

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Frantoi Cutrera

Discover the legacy of Frantoi Cutrera: Exceptional Sicilian olive oils, crafted with care and capturing the region's unique flavors since 1906.
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