Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoi Cutrera

Frantoi Cutrera Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Product of Italy
frantoi cutrera frescolio
Frantoi Cutrera Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoi Cutrera

Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoi Cutrera

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Infused with the addition of wild Hyblean mountain oregano and Sicilian sea salt, Frescolio is fresh, fruity, and very intense with notes of aromatic fresh herbs.

Frantoi Cutera is located in the most southern territory of Italy, where everything in nature ripens earlier and better. Frescolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the first days of October using the first olives of the year. These olives are still green, are the most flavorful, and have the highest level of antioxidants at this time. Olives from trees near the Mediterranean Sea are handpicked before being cold pressed. The olives arrive at the mill for pressing within 6 hours of being harvested. The olive oil is bottled directly after extraction so that the fresh flavor and aroma are preserved.

Since 1906 the Cutrera family has been cultivating olive groves in the southeast of Sicily. Their first frantoio was founded in 1979. They have created the perfect balance of tradition with innovation and the family-run company now owns 75 hectares of groves in the Monti Iblei territory. With over 350 awards, Frantoi Cutrera is the most awarded Olive Oil producer in Italy.


100% Sicilian olives: Moresca and Biancolilla varieties.

PAIR WITH: Warm bread, bruschetta, vegetable soups, grilled meat, stews, and casseroles.

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Frantoi Cutrera

Discover the legacy of Frantoi Cutrera: Exceptional Sicilian olive oils, crafted with care and capturing the region's unique flavors since 1906.
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