Peperita Super Spicy Italian Organic Hot Chili Oil - EVOO and Chili Pepper 250ml

Peperita Super Spicy Italian Organic Hot Chili Oil - EVOO and Chili Pepper 250ml
Made With Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bhut Jolokia Capsicum Chinense Peppers
Add some heat to vegetables, meat, tomato-based dishes, roasted fish, pizza, and bread
10/10 - Adds super spicy heat to any dish

Peperita Super Spicy Italian Organic Hot Chili Oil - EVOO and Chili Pepper 250ml

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Super Piccante Spicy Chili Oil
Our Super Piccante Spicy Chili OIl will add delicious flavor and heat to any dish. Bhut Jolokia Capsicum Chinense is a pepper of Indian origin. The red pepper has a creamy and vegetal smell and is "Piccantezza" (very spicy) with the flavor of strong tomato and tree bark. In the end, it veers around to the taste of bitter chocolate.

Heat Level 10/10
Use sparingly as this is a very spicy olive oil. Ideal for seasoning vegetables, meat, tomato preparations, pizzas, stew, roasted fish, and bread.

Organically Created
Made with hot chili Capsicum Chinense and extra-virgin olive oil that was grown and produced on the family farm. Each ingredient is made with Organic/Biodynamic methods certified by CCPB and DEMETER and without any additives, food dyes, or chemical preservatives.

Classic Flavors
Peperita spicy toppings are a product of the unmistakable taste, suitable for topping foods or as an ingredient during the preparation of dishes. Each seasoning is born from one of the most classic combinations of Mediterranean cuisine, that of extra virgin olive oil with chili peppers. Through the use of new advanced technology that keeps the nutritional and sensory properties of the chili intact, as well as other aromas such as orange and lemon.

The Rita Salvadori family farm has grown and produced the highest quality olives, extra virgin olive oil, and more for over three generations. We currently grow up to 50,000 pepper plants of about 40 different varieties. The success of Peperita is certainly due to the respect and the care with which we give our plants, but also the creativity and, above all, ongoing research on everything we grow and produce. We don't just select and make a good "peperoncino" (pepper), we're studying recipes and methodologies so we can enhance all the best features of these fruits with infinite possibilities.

Peppers Organic / Biodynamic and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Organic.

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