Red Pesto - Sundried Tomato Pesto - Imported from Italy - by ROI

ROI red pesto sauce
pesto red sauce
pesto sauce
Red Pesto - Sundried Tomato Pesto - Imported from Italy - by ROI

Red Pesto - Sundried Tomato Pesto - Imported from Italy - by ROI

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Cold-pressed Ligurian EVOO, sundried tomatoes, cashew nuts, and DOP basil combine to create an authentic Italian red pesto sauce from Italy using an old family recipe and traditional production methods.

A variant of the classic Italian pesto sauce, our Red Pesto is a perfect with pasta and is a delicious spread on bread. This imported fresh pesto sauce originates from Genova in the Liguria region of northern Italy but is nowadays widespread throughout the country. Made with non-GMO products, our Ligurian pesto is gluten-free and friendly for many diets including Paleo and Atkins.

Put the pesto in a bowl, cook the pasta, drain the pasta and add to the bowl of pesto. Stir and add EVOO and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Serve hot or cold as a pasta salad, in the summer it tastes great with fresh diced tomatoes.

Roi is a small family-owned EVOO producer that has been operating for four generations and is focused on quality. The estate is located in one of the most unique corners of Italy. Olive trees grow on terraced land in very steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The climate and sea influence the oil's wonderful taste and unique aroma.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 51%, Sundried tomatoes 27%, Cashew nuts, "BASILICO GENOVESE DOP" concentrated* 7%, Salt, Vinegar, Garlic, PARMESAN CHEESE (milk, salt, rennet). Acidulants; lactic ac. citric ac. *deprived of water. Contains: nuts, milk.

PAIR WITH: Sandwiches, pasta, bread, vegetables, or grilled meats and veggies.

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Roi: Family-owned EVOO producer since 1900. Superior quality, rich flavor from Liguria
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