Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil -EVOO by ROI

Roi Cucina Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva
extra virgin olive oil for cooking
italian extra virgin olive oil
Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil -EVOO by ROI

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil -EVOO by ROI

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This low-acidity olive oil has a golden green color, a light fruity aroma, and a sweet sensation which enhances the characteristics of foods without being intrusive.

Roi Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Italian Olives only, resulting in an everyday gourmet olive oil. It is our belief that high-quality ingredients make for the best product, and we will never compromise on the outstanding flavor of our olive oils.

Milling the olives within 24 hr of picking, results in a high polyphenol content (antioxidants) and low acidity levels. The processing is carried out without heating the olive paste and without adding hot water to the paste itself or to the oily must, to give this Ligurian olive oil a superior taste and aroma.

Roi is a small family-owned EVOO producer that has been operating for four generations and is focused on quality. The estate is located in one of the most unique corners of Italy. Olive trees grow on terraced land in very steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The climate and sea influence the oil's wonderful taste and unique aroma.


100% Italian Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Superior Category Olive Oil - First cold press - Obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

PAIR WITH: All recipes, sauces, and marinades that call for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use for finishing dishes and dipping bread.

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Roi: Family-owned EVOO producer since 1900. Superior quality, rich flavor from Liguria
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