Aged (12 yr) Balsamic Vinegar of Modena & Dipping dish

gran deposito balsamic vinegar of modena giuseppe giusti and vinegar Dipping dish
balsamic vinegar dipping dish
giuseppe giusti modena balsamic vinegar
giuseppe giusti modena

Aged (12 yr) Balsamic Vinegar of Modena & Dipping dish

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The beautifully designed oil and vinegar bread dipping plate and bottle of Giuseppe Giusti Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico di Modena are paired together in this set as the perfect gift for hosts, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and house-warmings.

The flavor profile of the Balsamic Vinegar brings notes of plum jam, red fruit, honey, and vanilla. This gourmet balsamic is recommended by Stanley Tucci of "Searching for Italy" and is a deep brown color with a glossy, velvety smooth texture, featuring complex, aromatic, and acidic undertones.

Pour balsamic vinegar slowly into the depression in the plate. Slowly add olive oil to the plate once the grapes are filled, and it will rest on top of the vinegar. You'll always serve the perfect dipping sauce with these fixed proportions of oil and vinegar.

Giuseppe Giusti was founded in 1605 and is the longest-running and most prestigious balsamic vinegar producer in the world. Dedicated to constantly improving its attention to the environment, Giusti adopts the most modern and best practices in order to reduce the environmental impact for greater sustainable agriculture.


Wine vinegar, cooked grape must. Acidity 6%. Contains sulphatic.

PAIR WITH: Fresh pasta, soft cheese, fresh fruit, and freshly baked bread.

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