Giusti Fig Vinegar Sweet and Sour Condiment

Giusti Fig Vinegar Sweet and Sour Gourmet Fruit Condiment from Modena, Italy - by Giusti
Italian condiment for salad dressing

Giusti Fig Vinegar Sweet and Sour Condiment

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    Giusti's Fig Vinegar offers a unique sweet and sour experience, balancing the tartness of white wine vinegar with the natural sweetness of fresh figs. This gourmet condiment adds depth to salads, fruits, cheeses, desserts, and various dishes, thanks to its rich and intense flavor profile. Crafted with care using high-quality grape must, white wine vinegar, and freshly pressed fig juice, this vinegar is a delightful addition to your culinary creations.

    Giusti was founded in 1605 and is the longest-running and most prestigious balsamic vinegar producer in the world. Dedicated to constantly improving its attention to the environment, Giusti adopts the most modern and best practices in order to reduce the environmental impact for greater sustainable agriculture.


    Made with Grape Must, White Wine Vinegar and Fresh Fig Juice.

    PAIR WITH: Fruit and vegetable salads, risotto, fresh and aged cheeses, and sweet and sour sauces.

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    Giuseppe Giusti

    Experience the legacy of Giusti, the world's most prestigious vinegar producer since 1605. Authenticity, quality, sustainability
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