Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast for Baking - Instant Yeast for Baking by Molino Rossetto

Molino Rossetto Instant Dry Yeast
yeast for baking
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Instant Dry Yeast

Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast for Baking - Instant Yeast for Baking by Molino Rossetto

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Dry Mother yeast is a dry yeast using natural organisms (Lactic Bacteria) to activate fermentation rather than using chemical substances like Active dry yeast and Instant dry yeast use. Perfect as bread yeast, pizza yeast, sourdough yeast, and as yeast for baking bagels, cakes, cinnamon buns, sweet baked goods, and more. Dough fully rises every time. Impress your guests with fluffy savory or sweet baked goods!

Molino Rossetto Lievito Madre has a high leavening strength to help you create artisanal, airy, and satisfying textures. Our bread starter is ideal as instant yeast for bread, pizza dough yeast, or rapid-rise yeast for bread machines (works with all bread makers on the market.)

Molino Rossetto has been a family business since 1843. Located in Codevigo, Italy, Molino Rossetto uses traditional recipes and natural product techniques in their Italian products. Thanks to the careful selection of prime ingredients, the meticulous care exercised at each stage of production, and the use of avant-garde technology, Molino Rossetto can guarantee a wide range of high-quality products.


70% natural yeast of soft wheat flour type "0", dry yeast (brewer's yeast). It may contain traces of eggs and milk.

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Molino Rossetto

Molino Rossetto: Crafting quality Italian flour and mixes since 1760. Family-run excellence for 7 generations
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