Gourmet Italian Capers in Sea Salt by Frantoi Cutrera

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Gourmet Italian Capers in Sea Salt by Frantoi Cutrera

Gourmet Italian Capers in Sea Salt by Frantoi Cutrera

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Capers are the unopened flower buds of a Mediterranean bush. These Trapani sea salt capers are cultivated in Pantelleria, an island off of Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our non pareil Capers are rich in taste and fragrant. Salt-packed capers are known for having less onion and radish aromas and instead are more floral, violets, and raspberries. We hand-pick the best Sicilian capers and naturally preserve them in salt using our traditional family recipe.

Our cunchy and juicy Italian capers have perfectly balanced sweet, tangy and salty flavor. Being a real Sicilian family, we wish to share the most authentic products and recipes of this island. Every jar contains a glimpse of our land, a secret of our tradition not yet revealed.

Frantoi Cutrera is known for its high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The farm has been operating olive groves and processing oil and olives since 1906 in South Eastern Sicily. They also offer a wide variety of jams, herbs, and salts all grown in the same region.


Capers (90%), Sea salt. May contain traces of nuts, celery, milk-based products.

PAIR WITH: Salads, sauces, fish, pizza, pasta, and steak tartar.

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Frantoi Cutrera

Discover the legacy of Frantoi Cutrera: Exceptional Sicilian olive oils, crafted with care and capturing the region's unique flavors since 1906.
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