Historical Balsamic Vinegar Collection with Gift Box by Giusti

Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set
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Historical Balsamic Vinegar Collection with Gift Box by Giusti

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The Giusti family created this Historical Collection, a precious wooden box containing 5 bottles of balsamic vinegar of Modena in the champagnottina format, to share their most beloved condiments.

1 Silver Medal: Characterized by a rich perfume and an agreeable and rounded balsamic acidity, it’s aromatic and enhances the flavors of any dish with its intensity.

2 Gold Medals: A greatly versatile balsamic characterized by overtones of mature fruits, licorice, and black pepper.

3 Gold Medals: Aromas and flavors of plum jam and red fruits intertwine with hints of honey and vanilla in a considerably dense and sweet balsamic.

4 Gold Medals: A balsamic of extreme fullness; deeply aromatic, with scents of ripe fruits, accompanied by notes of tobacco, roasted coffee, and hints of wood, thanks to its long aging.

5 Gold Medals: Of great body and concentration, it is distinguished by its extraordinary complexity and rich bouquet of aromas. Notes of plum, black cherries, and sweet spices, infused with the fragrances of ancient woods.

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Cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar.

PAIR WITH: 1 Silver Medal: Salads, vegetables, and soups. 2 Gold Medals: Fish, white meat, cheese, fresh fruit, desserts, and seafood. 3 Gold Medals: Fresh pasta such as ravioli, beef, soft cheese, or fresh fruit. 4 Gold Medals: Meats, seafood, fruits & berries, and especially desserts. 5 Gold Medals: Strawberries, Parmesan cheese, ice cream, or enjoy on its own.

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Giuseppe Giusti

Experience the legacy of Giusti, the world's most prestigious vinegar producer since 1605. Authenticity, quality, sustainability
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