Balsamic Vinegar

Guiseppe Giusti - 5 Gold Medals "Banda Rossa" Cubica - Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy


  • Released only after an extensive aging in the most ancient and precious barrels, when the maturation of the product reaches a level of flavor and aroma recognized by the Giusti generations as the “Banda Rossa.”

    Full, dark brown color, high density, intense perfume, and a full bodied balsamic aroma contribute to its unmistakable bouquet. The flavor is deliciously sweet with fruity notes in a sweet and sour equilibrium typical of only absolute top quality balsamic vinegars.

    Banda Rossa is a precious, limited product that should be used only according to the most noble of balsamic vinegar: a droplet on a strawberry, a piece of Parmesan cheese, or on ice cream, or tasted and devoured alone for its flavor as an elixir.

    A true lover of balsamic vinegar will also use it for recipes that do not involve cooking since it will lose the precise equilibrium and bouquet.


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