Italian French Toast Panettone

Italian French Toast Panettone

Christmas isn’t Christmas in Italy without Panettone. You can enjoy it as it comes, or served with hot custard. What is Panettone exactly? Panettone is a rich, fluffy, naturally leavened bread cake filled with candied fruits and raisins. At Bellina we can’t get enough of Balsamic Vinegar, and over the holidays we bring it to you in a new form.  The historical Italian bakery Antica Pasticceria Muzzi, designed a unique “panettone”, combining the best of the Milanese traditions with those of Modena. Balsamic vinegar Giusti 3 Gold Medals is added to the dough, used to soak the raisins, and finally added in the form of cream filling. The sweet and sour of the balsamic vinegar is a perfect complement to the fragrant softness of the panettone.

This recipe is a fun twist, that will pull the whole family out of bed for breakfast.


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