Giuseppe Giusti Italian Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 5 Bottles in Wooden Gift Box


  • The Historical Collection
    The Historical Collection is the most exemplary collection from the Giusti Acetaia. Each bottle features the first label, designed in the early 1900s and is housed in a beautiful wooden case. The bottles are each in the “Cubiche” (or cube) shape. This collection includes 5 balsamic vinegars, created from different recipes and aging. They are named by the medals that the vinegars earned at International Fairs in the 19th century.

            • 1 Silver Medal, also known as Medaglia d’Argento, is aged in French oak barrels from the 1900s with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar from centuries-old casks. It is aromatic and enhances the flavors of dishes with its intensity.
            • 2 Gold Medals, Il Classico, is versatile and nicely balanced between the sweet and sour, with overtones of mature fruits, licorice, and black pepper. It is aged in oak barrels, with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar from centuries-old casks.
            • 3 Gold Medals, Riccardo Giusti, is created from sweet, sundried grapes which creates an aroma and flavor of plum jam and red fruits intertwined with hints of honey and vanilla.
            • 4 Gold Medals, Quarto Centenario, is a very full and aromatic balsamic vinegar with scents of ripe fruits, and notes of tobacco, roasted coffee, and wood. It is aged in a series of small antique casks that date back to the 1800s and is only extracted once a year in limited quantities.
            • 5 Gold Medals, Banda Rossa, is complex and features a rich bouquet of aromas. Notes of plum, black cherries, and sweet spice are infused with the fragrances of ancient woods as it is aged in a series of antique small casks, dating back to the 1700s. This vinegar is extracted in a limited quantity only once a year.


      Creates a Thoughtful Gift
      The Historical Collection of balsamic vinegars comes packaged and ready for gift giving. This set will make a thoughtful gift for chefs, cooks, and foodies alike. Present this collection as a housewarming gift to a friend or family member and it will be treasured.

      Created in Modena, Italy
      Giuseppe Giusti was founded in 1605 and is the longest running and most prestigious balsamic vinegar producer in the world. Dedicated to constantly improving its attention to the environment, Giusti adopts the most modern and best practices in order to reduce the environmental impact for greater sustainable agriculture.