Due Vittorie Apple Vinegar, 500ml


This apple cider vinegar is obtained by the traditional method of production of balsamic vinegar: through the slow fermentation of the best apple juice.  This method allows to obtain a full-bodied product characterized by a strong apple scent.

The texture is velvety and enveloping the palate, vinegar has a pungent and fresh taste that does not cover but it counterbalances to a nice sugary aftertaste.  Therefore it turns out to be a very versatile condiment that goes well with many different types of food.

If used in cooking, it personalizes the dish without covering it, releasing its characteristic flavors and aromas.

Used natural on salads or green tasty boiled vegetables it enhances the taste by giving a special touch to these simple dishes.

It goes well with also slightly spicy cheeses as Emmental or with sweeter taste like Gruyère.

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