Valverbe - Té Nego e Vaniglia - Italian Vanilla and Black Tea From Organic Farming - 1.07 (30g)


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  • Classic, aromatic blend of fine Darjeeling, assam, and Ceylon tea leaves with vanilla, caffeinated.

    Pairing: a great every day tea, nice in the morning, also good with dessert.

    In alpine valleys around Mount Viso (along the French boarder / north-western Italy - Piedmont), at an altitude between 500 and 1500 above sea level Valverbe directly grows, dries, and packages its own herbal teas with advanced solar-powered machinery. Fresh organic plants, without GMOs, are packaged in double-wrapped tea bags with an organic cotton thread and without staples: their philosophy of lift is to offer you a sip of health.

    The phrase "herbal tea" has the same meaning to the traditional English word "tisane". A tisane is a flagrant herbal infusion drunk for refreshment and/or medicinal reasons. The history of the word began in classical Greek as "ptisane" where barley was enjoyed steeped in hot water and occasionally flavored with licorice, raisins, and herbs.

    Herbal tea has nothing to do with the tea plant which produces black, green and white teas, this is a common source of confusion. The widely used term "tea" now frequently covers both hot beverages made by infusing leaves from the tea plant, but also, in the case of tisanes, hot water infused with herbs, flowers and roots.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves 95%, Venilla Pods 5%.

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