TartufLanghe - Polenta Pronta Con Funghi Porcini a Tartufi - Italian Ready Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms and Truffles - 8.81oz (250g)


  • Polenta is one of Northern Italy's most traditional dishes, and each region proposes a different dressing: wild boar, game birds, codfish, or "concia" which means served with cheese.

    This Ready Polenta prepared with porcini mushrooms, truffle, cream and butter, is ready in only three minutes by adding some water.

    Porcini are the most sought after mushroom variety because of their specific taste. They grow in some areas of Northern and central Europe only in autumn. They are commercialized worldwide, but are very hard to cultivate. It is easier to find them dried or in other preserved forms. Like mushrooms, truffles are the fruiting body of a fungus, unlike mushrooms, truffles remain underground.

    France is known for their black winter truffles, while Northern and Central Italy for their white. The spores of truffles emit a musky aroma which is what attracts beetles, squirrels, rabbits, deer, pigs and dogs. Truffles can be found around old growth forests, usually oaks, hazels, or lindens. White truffles have a stronger aroma than black, and thanks to sulfur compounds typically a garlicky, persistent scent. Black truffles are usually cooked to enhance flavor, while white truffles are frequently shaved into paper thin slices.

    Pairing: Great by its self or paired with game, hearty fish and cheese.

    Ingredients: corn flour, porcini mushrooms, truffle, cream, butter.

    Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, founders of the company, started their experience in the "truffle world" in the 1968, marketing the fresh truffle from the Piedmont region. During that period, their restaurant "Da Beppe", located in the heart of Alba, was considered a landmark by truffle and mushrooms lovers and by the Michelin guide. Thanks to the new photovoltaic system and 1400 sqm of solar panels on the roof, Tartuflanghe is now able to produce its own green energy and is self-sufficient (the system produces more energy than what is needed).

  • Ingredients: Harena de Maiz 74%, Nata en Polvo, Almiddin de Maiz, Sal, Setas Poroini, Secas 2%, Mantequilla Anhidra, Trufa de Verano, Deshydratada 0.5%.

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