Riso Buono - Artemide Rice - 2.2lb (1kg)


The Artemide variety derives from the combination of Venus rice (medium grain and black pericarp) and Indica rice (long, narrow grain and white pericarp). It is aromatic and black in colour with an intense and pleasant aroma. Given its close relationship to Venus rice, it is rich in iron and selenium - very important for its antioxidant properties. Wild rice / black rice such as the Artemide is the whole grain of a grass, it is heated to dry it out and develop flavor and this processing gives its endosperm a glassy appearance.

Riso Buono is a family business that goes back to the late 17th century, when the Gautieri noble family, after leaving the county of Nice, settled in these areas around Novara, introducing significant improvements over the years, especially regarding irrigation methods and cultivation techniques. Artemide rice is excellent when cooked with cheese, fish, vegetables and mushrooms. Can go very well with asian dishes such as fish curry.

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