Pastificio Dei Campi - Fusilli Lunghi Col Buco di Gragnano - Italian Long Dried Fusilli Pasta - 17.6oz (500g)


  • Fusilli are a spiral kind of spaghetti, twisted like a corkscrew. This pasta is as if the fusilli never stopped growing, it is as long as a spaghetti noodle, but twisted the entire length.

    Pairing: cold pasta salad, tomato based saucces.

    Gragnano is a small town close to Naples, considered the capital of pasta making. Some of the best producers, still today are based here. Pastificio dei Campi was established in 2007. Producing only 300 kg of pasta a day, Gragnano pasta focuses on high quality ingredients (grown within 250 km), traditional methods, environmental responsibility (100% recyclable packaging). In production, the bronze plate of the extruder gives the pasta that roughness that allows the sauce to adhere to the pasta, defined as "arraggiatura" (anger).

  • Ingredients:

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