Pastificio dei Campi - Orecchiette di Campi - Italian Dried Pasta Chip Shells - 17.6oz (500g)


  • Orecchiette means "little ears", to recall the resemblance of this shape to small ears - great for picking up the sauce.

    Gragnano is a small town close to Naples, considered the capital of pasta making. Some of the best producers, still today are based here.

    Pairing: Traditional from Apulia, perfect with sausage and broccoli sauce or caponata.

    Pastificio dei Campi was established in 2007. Producing only 300 kg of pasta a day, Gragnano pasta focuses on high quality ingredients (grown within 250 km), traditional methods, environmental responsibility (100% recyclable packaging). In production, the bronze plate of the extruder gives the pasta that roughness that allows the sauce to adhere to the pasta, defined as "arraggiatura" (anger).

  • Ingredients: Semola Di Grano Duro, Aqua.

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