Molino Rossetto - Preparato Per Polenta ai Funghi Porcini - Ready Italian Polenta (Cornmeal) with Porcini Mushrooms - 6.2oz (175g)


  • Quick cooking polenta with mushrooms.

    Pairing: Great by itself or as a side to a protein dish.

    Molino Rosetto has been a family business since 1843, and is currently run by brother and sister team Paolo and Chiara Rosetto. Thanks to the careful selection of prime materials and the meticulous care exercised at each stage of production, the use of avant-garde technology, Molino Rossetto can guarantee a wide range of high-quality products. Their production includes traditional soft wheat and corn flour, other stone- ground cereal flours, and also baking mixes and yeasts.

  • Ingredients: Farina di mais precotta, latte scremato in polvere, funghi porcini (Boletus Edulis) disidratati 4,1%, sale, olio di palma, zucchero, agilo disidratato, cipolla disidratata, sciroppo di glucosio, proteine del latte, estratto di lievito, prezzemolo disidratato.

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