Molino Rossetto Instant Polenta - Italian ( Yellow Corn Grits) 1.65 lb/ 750gr


    • ITALIAN POLENTA - Pre-cooked yellow polenta, also known as corn meal for baking or yellow corn grits, made from high-quality, all-natural yellow pre-cooked corn flour
    • AUTHENTIC FLAVOR - In order to make true Italian polenta, it is essential to use real Italian corn flour so that the corn flavor shines through and the grain holds up when used in different ways
    • TRUE ITALIAN - Low in calories with no sugar added, our instant polenta yellow cornmeal is a staple in Italian kitchens
    • INSTANT POLENTA - Create mouth-watering corn meal polenta at home in just 5 minutes with our instant polenta
    • EASY-POUR CONTAINER - Unscrew the lid and pour out what you need - put the lid back on and screw close to keep the polenta fresh longer
  • Ingredients: yellow pre-cooked corn flour. May contain gluten, soy, seseame seeds or dairy.

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