Mo.De Apple Cider Vinegar of Modena, Italy Aged in Barrique


Mo.De Apple Vinegar
Mo.De’s Apple Vinegar is created from apple juice and aged in barrique. It is made in the traditional method that balsamic vinegar is produced in and the apple juice is slowly fermented. This allows for the apple vinegar to become a full-bodied apple vinegar that is a clear amber color. It develops an intense, pleasantly acid aroma that has the scent of apple to it. This apple vinegar is velvety in texture and bittersweet with a fruity and woody taste that features the riches of tannins along with hints of apple.

Versatile Dressing
Perfect for pairing with many different foods as it is very versatile. The vinegar and apple counterbalance one another, providing a nice, sugary aftertaste that compliments the dish instead of covering it. Use it to enhance the flavor of green vegetables, sweet or spicy cheeses, and fruits. It works beautifully as an apple cider vinegar dressing on salads.

Made in Italy
Created in the province of Modena, Italy. Mo.De’s Apple Vinegar is slowly fermented in order to allow time for the body and apple scent to develop and become the star of this dressing. The vinegar undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the high quality of the final product.