Mercato di Bellina - Bucatini Tube Pasta 17.6oz (500g)


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    • Gourmet Pasta Noodles
      Hand crafted, this bucatini tubular durum wheat smolina pasta is a little thicker than spaghetti and has a little whoel in teh middle. The tube shape is able to absorb sauces well and give more succulent and full-bodied wheat flavor to your meals.

      Versatile and Healthy
      Our bucatini pasta can be used in classic Italian dishes and is especially good served al dente with just a touch of olive oil. The pasta holds up beautifully in more complex meals with vegetables, meats, or seafood added to it as well. Durum wheat semolina is also a healthy choice for pasta as it is very high in protein and low in gluten. Enjoy true Italian specialty foods and make perfect healthy, flavorful pasta in just 11 minutes.