Mariangela Prunotto - Organic Italian Tomato Sweet Pepper Pasta Sauce - 12oz (340g)


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  • Prunotto's best Organic Tomatoes, grown in Alba, are transformed in 48 hours into delicious organic sauce with tomatoes and sweet peppers. The fresh tomatoes are cooking only adding fresh organic vegetables. A true organic pasta sauce produced in Alba (Piemonte) with an emphasis on purity and quality, each variety is made with 100% organic ingredients and contains no sugar, no concentrate and no dried herbs. These incredible organic sauces have an unsurpassed quality full of fresh, vibrant flavors. The way of transforming is very simple and fast and will permit you to taste the really best Italian Tomatoes crop at the really right moment. The taste is better fresh and you will have the opportunity to try them all season.

    The sauce is ready to be use only adding on your cooked pasta Italian extra virgin olive oil. It is a really simple tomato and you can use as base to your recipe instead of the fresh tomatoes.

    Mariangela Prunotto has been organically farming in the Piedmont region for over 20 years. They produce a wide variety of products including, jams, honey, legumes, fruits, and sauces, and is powered with solar energy. The sauce is ready to use, just heat it and add it to pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Ingredients: Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, Peppers(4%), Basil, Celery, Salt.

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