Frantoi Cutrera - Miele di Limone - Sicilian Lemon Blossom Honey Organic Farming - 8.5oz (250g)


  • Unpasteurized lemon blossom honey, produced organically in southern Italy. Great with aged cheeses and as a sweetener in tea. It has a crystalized appearance with very fine-grained crystals. Though most honeys are made from a mixture of nectars, some 300 different single flower honeys are produced around the world. To produce honey "Monoflorale" (one flower honey) beekeepers adopt the practice of 'Nomad Beekeeping'. It is a practice of moving the hives from place to place to follow plants in bloom. These honeys have very unique and distinctive notes and their color and texture can vary significantly. Also the time of year and area in which the honey is harvested have an effect on its taste and appearance. We could say honey is also linked to terroir, just like wine or olive oil. A good honey is raw, it does not go through any thermic process and no ingredients are added.

  • Ingredients: Unpasterized Lemon Blossom Honey.

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