Italian Anchovy Fillets in Sunflower seed Oil - Delfino 4.58oz 140g


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  • These anchovy fillets are fished sustainably in the Mediterranean, then processed and packed by hand. Cetara is a small fishing town on the coast of Campania, near Naples renowned for its production of high quality anchovies. In Italy anchovies can be consumed fresh in many different preparations as well as preserved under salt or oil. Unlike other fish, anchovies are plentiful and not at risk of extinction. Many consumers equate anchovies with saltiness. From Roman times, salt-brining these abundantly-available little Mediterranean fish was an excellent way to assure a source of saltiness in your pantry. Anchovies enhance the umami taste of foods and add a salty tang, along with a hint of the sea, to pizzas, pastas, salads and sauces. 

    Pairing: Crostini, butter, roasted peppers, great on a slice of fresh bread and butter, on pizza, in pasta sauces, to make salsa verde and tartar stake.

  • Ingredients: Anchovies, Sun Flower, Seed Oil, Salt.

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