Così Com'è - Italian Whole Yellow Datterino Tomatoes Unpeeled in Tomato Juice - 12.35oz (350g) - Drained 7.4oz (210g)


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  • Excellent when making yellow sauces, purées and creams with carrots, pumpkins, yellow peppers, enhancing their colour and sweetness. It's a rare and fine tomato variety with an elongated "date" shape, from which they take their name. Yellow like the sun, it has thick skin, firm flesh and a great sweet flavor. Its features make it rich, hale and hearty, with a great taste and a vitamin content three times higher than other tomatoes. Sweet and balanced, the yellow datterino is enhanced with a light and fast cooking. Perfect with fish based dishes, amazing in creams and sauces. It gives surprising results of color and flavor as a condiment for pasta and rice.

    Cosi Come tomatoes are grown in Campania, carefully sowed, pollinated by bees, hand harvested at their peak, and processed within only a few hours to ensure freshness. All tomatoes are non-GMO, preservative, pesticide, sugar, and stabilizer free.

  • Ingredients: Small Yellow "Datterini" tomatoes, tomato juice of yellow Datterino tomatoes. Acidity regulator: Citric acid

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