Così Com'è - Italian Whole Peeled Red and Unpeeled Yellow Datterino Tomatoes in Tomato Juice, Each Jar 12oz (350g) / Drained 7.4oz (210g) - Pack of 2



  • Datterino tomatoes are fine tomatoes that have an elongated "date" shape, from which they take their name. The datterino tomato is particularly tasty, thanks to its high sugar content which gives it an intense aromatic flavor. Try these two variations, red and yellow to create your perfect recipe
    Whole Peeled Red Datterino Tomatoes in Tomato Juice - This pasta sauce is perfect for quick cooking; it distinguishes itself with its natural high sweet degree and rich taste. Great for making sauces in few minutes to garnish fried or boiled vegetables, pasta, seafood, fish fillets, meatballs, fresh cheese.

    Whole Unpeeled Yello Datterino Tomatoes in Tomato Juice - Excellent when making yellow sauces, purees and creams with carrots, pumpkins, yellow peppers, enhancing their colour and sweetness. Yellow like the sun, it has thick skin, firm flesh and a great sweet flavor. Its features make it rich, hale and hearty, with a great taste and a vitamin content three times higher than other tomatoes. Sweet and balanced, the yellow datterino is enhanced with a light and fast cooking. Perfect with fish based dishes, amazing in creams and sauces. It gives surprising results of color and flavor as a condiment for pasta and rice. Pairing: fish, cream, sauce, pasta, rice, yellow vegetables.

    Cosi Come tomatoes are grown in Campania, carefully sowed, pollinated by bees, hand harvested at their peak, and processed within only a few hours to ensure freshness. All tomatoes are non-GMO, preservative, pesticide, sugar, and stabilizer free.
  • Ingredients: Small yellow "Datterini" tomatoes, tomato juice of yellow datterino tomatoes. Acidity regulator: citric acid. 

    Ingredients: Peeled small red "Datterini" tomatoes, tomato juice.Acidity regulator:citric acid.

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