Classic Italian Rice Risotto - Cascina Belvedere - Arbaria - Classico per Risotti 17oz (500g)


  • The rice Arborio, grown in the Po Valley is the most typical and widespread Italian rice for risotto making, its grains are the largest among all the rice varieties grown in Italy. Thanks to the traditional stone husking and the meticulous selection process, this rice can boast the characteristics of tangible excellence.

    Cascina Belvedere is one of a very few following the entire process of production, starting from the seeding in the fields to the packaging. State-of-the-art tools and machineries are a guarantee of quality from the agricultural phase to the industrial one and offer the privilege of obtaining a product directly from the farm. Cascina Belvedere also cares about the environment. Using solar panels, energy saving heat-recycling driers, their products are pesticide and preservative free and attention is paid to the re-population of the local fauna.

  • Ingredients: Arborie Rice 

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