Mariangela Prunotto - Italian Orange Blossom Honey - 3.5oz (100g)


  • The Citrus Blossom honey is one of the best known and most appreciated honey products worldwide. In Italy it is second to the acacia blossom honey.

    The Orange Blossom honey has the following characteristics: very pale, almost colorless to pale yellow when liquid, and white to light beige when crystallized. It has a strong smell, similar to that of the flowers from which it originates, usually sweet taste with slight acidity, and a very intense aroma, floral, but of a fresher, fruity trend. It comes from the Italian citrus land, and is generally finely crystallized.

    Pairing: Great with cheeses, on bread, in tea or coffee as a sweetened and for cooking, sweetener at breakfast and for desserts.

    Mariangela Prunotto has been organically farming in the Piedmont region for over 20 years. They produce a wide variety of products including, jams, honey, legumes, fruits, and sauces, and is powered with solar energy. Prunotto practices nomad beekeeping, where hives are moved around depending on the available flowers and plants in bloom.

  • Ingredients: 100% pure Italian Honey

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