Italian Christmas Candy Crunchy Nougat Torrone with Almonds and Pistachios Antica Torroneria Piemontese Produzione Particolare Di Torrone Alle Madorla Pistacchio - - 8.82oz (250g)


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  • Crunchy nougat (as opposed to soft), a great after dinner treat, especially popular at the holidays. Antica Torroneria Piemontese started in 1885. Now in its fourth generation, many employees have over 20 years' experience. Inspired by the Piemontese Hazelnut, Antica Torroneria Piemontese continues to produce high quality nougat, chocolate and confections.

    Taste Profile: crunchy, sweet, honeyed, almond, pistachio.

    Torrone is a specialty sweet typical to some areas of Italy, it is very similar to nougat. It is a confection of boiled honey and/or sugar, mixed with beaten egg white, nuts and preserved fruit. It is a cross between a meringue and a candy, and texture can vary from hard to soft depending on the temperature of the syrup and the proportion of sugar to egg white. To produce nougat, sugar and honey are typically cooked to about 132-143* (soft crack stage), and whisked into egg whites, with nuts and vanilla added at the end. Italian torrone is usually harder than nougat and traditionally it is made from almonds in Sicily and hazelnuts in the northern regions such as Piemonte. It is mostly consumed over the Christmas period but can be found year round.

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