Selektia Tartufi Gourmet Course Salt with Italian Black Summer Truffles 100g


Real Italian Ingredients
Selektia Tartufi Italian Black Truffle Salt is made of coarse salt and summer truffle (Tuber aestivum vitt) giving each of your dishes a beautiful salty, earthy flavor. The truffle hunters collect truffles during truffle season and the selection of each truffle is hand made by Selektia Italia.

Upgrade Your Cooking
Selektia Tartufi Italian Black Truffle Salt is ideal to season all types of dishes such as pasta with seafood, macaroni and cheese, tomatoes, and avocados. Elevate the simplest egg dish, frittatas, scrambled eggs, omelets, or hard boiled eggs. It’s the perfect finishing salt for any meat; beef, pork, chicken, even lamb. It pairs well with appetizers and will be a stand out at any party. Enjoy the delicious taste of truffle salt on snacks too. Create gourmet truffle popcorn to glam up your movie night at home. Use it as you would normally use plain salt, but experience the flavor infusion that truffles add to your dishes.

Italian Owned
Selektia Italia was established in Tuscany in 2008 and is the result of the long experience of the owner, Simone Calugi, in the collection, production, and sale of truffles. His genuine passion for this product was passed on to him by his father, Renato Calugi, great truffle hunter and famous Tuscan entrepreneur.

Simone Calugi follows in his father’s footsteps creating a new entrepreneurial reality which was immediately recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Given his great knowledge of the product and of the market, Simone Calugi sets, as his sole objective, the search for excellence to obtain a production of extraordinary quality. His passion and care for excellent cuisine is confirmed by the scrupulous selection of raw materials to offer the world the best of the Tuscan gastronomical tradition.

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