Selektia Tartufi

Selektia Tartufi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Condiment w/ White Truffle Flavor

Real Italian Ingredients

Selektia Tartufi Truffle Olive Oil is a concentrated truffle oil made of the flavoring of the highest quality white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) and extra virgin olive oil. The white truffle is the most rare and refined species of truffle and is also the most aromatic. The truffle hunters collect truffles during truffle season and the selection of each truffle is hand made by Selektia Italia. Expect an intense garlic aroma with powerful white truffle flavor throughout and a gentle olive oil finish.

Upgrade Your Cooking

Selektia Tartufi Truffle Olive Oil is ideal to dress dishes such as pasta, risotto, and pizza before serving. It pairs well with appetizers and will be a stand out at any party. Enjoy the delicious taste of truffle as a dressing on salads. Use it as you would normally use plain extra virgin olive oil, but experience the flavor infusion that truffles add to your dishes.