Molino Pasini La Tua Farina Italian Pizza Flour - Flour for Pizza & Focaccia with Yeast - pack of 2

"0" Italian flour for pizza and focaccia is created specifically for baking and works beautifully for focaccia and pizza. The mix contains yeast to ensure you get the best rise with every bake. The dough proves while cooking so that you can enjoy a delicious and fragrant high-quality pizza in a short time.

GREAT PIZZA CRUST: The dough is easy to work with and proves while cooking, to obtain a high-quality pizza in a short time.

PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: This Italian flour for pizza is used by professionals and is now available for home cooks too. Experience great results and enjoy a culinary baking experience at home.

DELICIOUS TASTE: Blend of fine flours for pizza and focaccia with yeast, used to prepare a fragrant and delicious pizza.