Mariangela Prunotto - Italian Porcini Mushroom Pasta Sauce - 7.5oz (215g)


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  • In late summer when our Langhe hills and Piemontese Alps give us the best porcini mushrooms, Prunotto produce this delicious sauce. All ingredients are selected carefully cleaned and cooked in respect of the most traditional recipes. The end result is a product extremely tasty characterized by high amounts of Porcini mushrooms used. It is a sauce ready to use, you just have to heat and add to your pasta.

    Porcini are the most sought after mushroom variety because of their specific taste. They grow in some areas of Northern and central Europe only in autumn. They are commercialized worldwide, but are very hard to cultivate. It is easier to find them dried or in other preserved forms.

    Mariangela Prunotto has been organically farming in the Piedmont region for over 20 years. They produce a wide variety of products including, jams, honey, legumes, fruits, and sauces, and is powered with solar energy.

    Ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, wine, mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, parsley.

    Pairing: pasta or bruschetta.

  • Ingredients: Tomato, Onions, Wine, Porcini Mushroom 10%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley.

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