ROI Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavored with Lemon, 8.45 fl oz / 250ml

Lemon Olive Oil

We at Roi love to experiment and above all, we believe that two good things, if put together, can give life to something exquisite. Our Lemon Olive Oil features a superior taste and aroma that you will enjoy in your meals. The olives for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil come exclusively from selected and certified suppliers, who attest that the origin of the raw material is Italian.

Real Italian Flavored Oils
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple of the Italian kitchen and the perfect base for your Italian cooking at home. This olive oil features the flavor of lemons and can be used to add some zest to your dishes. Perfect to finish Italian dishes with white meat or seafood, as well as dipping bread or marinating shrimp and chicken. Add a few splashes of Lemon Olive Oil to your salad or drizzle some over a simple pasta dish for extra flavor. We don’t add any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Just two wholesome ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lemon.

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