Pasta & Sauces

Due Vittorie Salsa Balsamico Di Modena Glaze, 8.5 oz


Flavorful and Distinct

This wonderfully thick and creamy version of our balsamic vinegar is aromatic, bittersweet, and gluten-free. With its uniquely sweet and tart flavor, the balsamic glaze is the perfect final touch to elevate all dishes, from entrees to desserts. The thicker consistency of our balsamic reduction glaze makes it perfect for use as a garnish, creating beautifully designed plates, or as a wonderful complement to beef, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, cheeses, and fresh fruit.

Traditional Quality

Due Vittorie Reduced Balsamic Vinegar Glaze respects the traditional quality balsamic vinegar, adding the consistency of a cream, it is for those who like the flavor of balsamic vinegar in a thick version. Our Balsamic Glaze is a concentrated sauce, a reduction of balsamic vinegar, with a thicker consistency than vinegar. Due Vittorie Balsamic Glaze is made in Modena from our own fine quality balsamic vinegar and slowly reduced to create a well balanced, thickened brown and creamy glazed balsamic vinegar sauce that enhances any meal.

About Due Vittorie

Due Vittorie creates their Balsamic Glaze of Modena using top-quality grapes from their own vineyards and from Emilia Romagna selections. With their headquarters located in the heart of Modena, they continue to work according to tradition and closely monitor the quality of the raw materials in order to produce a naturally dense product. Due Vittorie respects nature and its products and safeguards the traditional production processes and a passion for the typical flavors of Emilia. With an emphasis on authentic and high-quality ingredients, our Due Vittorie Balsamic Glaze been awarded the highly coveted IGP (PGI) certificate.