Pastificio Morelli - Linguine Tartufo - Linguine Pasta with Truffle


  • Linguine pasta naturally flavored with truffles, made in Tuscany in a small craft pasta making facility.

    The ancient Morelli Pasta Factory was founded in 1860, and is a fifth generation family business. It produces a vast range of specialties, using ancient craft techniques, free of both preservatives and coloring agents. The result is truly wholesome pasta, with a wonderfully rich flavor and full consistency.

    Most pasta production removes the wheat germ, which is the heart of the grain itself, and which contains vitamin A, D, E, and vegetable protein, it also causes the product to be more perishable. However, Pasta Morelli reincorporates the wheat germ into the semolina, which gives the pasta a unique and delicious taste, which releases a wonderful aroma during cooking.

    The pasta, is especially good al dente as all Italian pasta should be, has an unmistakable flavor of the wonderful wheat germ, plain or in combination of any of the all-natural flavors added to the dough, the plain wheat germ pasta is so tasty; It can be served with just a drop of olive oil

    A strong scent that propagates in the soil rises to the surface and traps our nostrils with an irresistible and seductive aroma. It’s the most expensive mushroom in the world, sought after by connoisseurs across countries. Truffles have been praised and enjoyed since the era of Ancient Greece, where it was thought they were created from the lightning of the god Zeus.

    A gift from the sky that encloses all the fragrances of the forest striking you with its unbeatable scent.

    This pasta flavored with real truffles, will make you experience this sophisticated delicacy.

    Black winter truffles are the most sought after truffle, regardless of where they are found, and they fetch extremely high prices due to their subtle, earthy flavor that was once described as being like chocolate and earth. </p>

  • Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Eggs, Wheat Germ, Summer Truffles (Tuber Aestivu, Vitt.), Aroma. Contains Wheat and Eggs. It may contain traces of fish, molluscs.