Morelli Squid Ink Strozzapreti 500g

Gourmet Pasta

All the flavor of homemade pasta with wheat germ sets this Italian strozzapreti pasta apart from others. Wheat germ is the heart of the grain of wheat, rich in flavor and nourishing active ingredients. The wheat germ contains vitamins A, D, and E and provides a wonderful aroma while cooking. The wheat germ gives the cooking water a slightly green hue making cooking Morelli’s pasta a completely unique experience. The durum wheat noodle is a little thicker than usual pasta, absorb sauces well, and gives more succulent and full-bodied wheat flavor to your meals.

Black Squid Ink Pasta

This squid pasta features noodles of black squid ink and in Italian is referred to as Nero di Seppia. Our black squid ink pasta adds a delicious flavor to your meal and is a treat for the eyes as well.

Versatile and Healthy

Our strozzapreti pasta can be used in classic Italian dishes and is especially good served with just a touch of olive oil. The pasta holds up beautifully in more complex meals with fish-based sauces, whole cherry tomato, anchovy, and caper sauce. Durum wheat is also a healthy choice for pasta as it is very high in protein and low in gluten. Enjoy true Italian specialty foods and make perfect healthy, flavorful pasta in just 9 minutes!.

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