Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ROI Carte Noire Taggiasca Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP 16.9 fl oz / 500ml


  • Italian DOP Olive Oil

    Our Carte Noire Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from Italian olives. “Carte Noire” is from the French “Black Label”, and is our Queen of the P.D.O. with a limited series production between 15,000 and 20,000. The olives come exclusively from selected suppliers, which certify that the origin of the raw material is Italian (100% Ligurian) and Cultivar Taggiasca. Once the oil production is complete, the Imperia Chamber of Commerce proceeds to take samples, look at chemical analysis and organoleptic evaluation, certifying the oil as PDO Riviera Ligure Riviera dei Fiori. Each bottle is stamped with the harvest date and best by date, so you know you have the freshest oil.

    Real Italian Flavor

    A staple of the Italian kitchen and the perfect base for all of your Italian cooking at home. Carte Noire is a low-acidity oil. On the nose, it is fresh, with hints of grass, artichoke, fruity green apple, and olive. In the mouth, it is pleasantly thick. The aftertaste reveals light notes of dried fruit. Its delicate nature makes it perfect for seasoning raw food to highlight the characteristics of foods without being intrusive or overpowering. This luxury olive oil is a wonderful addition to any chef’s kitchen.

  • Ingredients: 100% Ligurian Taggiasca Olives (superior category olive oil) First cold press, Acid content less than 0.8%