Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoi Cutrera - Selezione Cutrera Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 24.5 fl oz


  • This green to golden hued oil is a blend of 5 different varieties of Sicilian olives create this powerful and well balanced olive oil. It is cold pressed and left unfiltered to take advantage of it's intense artichoke, oregano and green tomato characteristics . A medium-bodied olive oil with a bitter and a spicy well balanced note.

    It is a great all-around oil that is bold enough to be multi purpose. The perfect olive oil for everyday use.

    Excellent for soups, salads, bruchetta, roasted meats, grilled vegetables, and any other Mediterranean classics.   Recommend with moderate taste food like fish or white meat in the oven but also to enhance a fish entrée. Also great for lighter foods like fresh salad or caprese.

    Frantoi Cutrera is known for their high quality extra virgin olive oil. The farm has been operating olive groves and processing oil and olives since 1906 in South Eastern Sicily. They also offer a wide variety of specialty jams, herbs, and salts all made with locally sourced ingredients following traditional recipes.