Due Vittorie

Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Traditional 12 Year DOP Certified 100ml

A traditional Emilian dressing aged for at least 12 years in series of small barrels made from different woods.This traditional balsamic vinegar is made with cooked musts of grapes coming exclusively from the province of Modena. The production is then aged for at least 12 years in a series in small barrels made from different woods with an increasing size, according to the "solera" production methods (basically a method of "reinforcing and decanting "). The product for bottling is always taken from the smallest barrel. Excellent on special occasions and special food such as cheeses, fruits and vanilla ice-cream.

THE PERFECT FINISHING TOUCH. Delicious on Meat, Cheese, Fish, Salads, Fruit, Vegetables, Desserts, or enjoyed on its own. Perfect gift for any occasion: Valentine's day, Birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father's day, Holiday, and Christmas gift.

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