Balsamic Vinegar

Giuseppe Giusti "Reserve 100" Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged 100 Years


  • Giusti 100-year Grande Vecchio Grade Balsamic Vinegar – Giving you a taste of luxury with every drop.

    The “Riserve” is the most exclusive of the Giusti collection, produced each year in extremely limited quantities. They are extracted from some precious series of barrels, which have been in production since 1700’s. In keeping with this precious production, the case is composed of the 5 types of woods that make up a typical series of barrels; the front label is engraved in 24-carat gold, while the back label is made with the ancient technique of letterpress printing, using a classic lead character font of Modena from the 19th century.

    Using only the ripest Lambrusco or Trebbiano grapes and aged to perfection in wooden casks, Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegars are like a small taste of pure perfection drizzled onto your favorite foods. This rare and lavish Grande Vecchio grade balsamic vinegar has been aged and matured for at least 100 years at the Giusti Villa in Modena.

    Its complexity and perfection of flavor, able to give a long-lasting taste, is an experience of paradise for true balsamic lovers. Containing such deep and interesting flavors such as a unique sweetness that will have your taste buds eager for more as well as notes of fig, molasses, cherry, and chocolate, you’ll feel like you’ve tasted a piece of heaven. The taste of the wooden barrels it has been aged in for 100 years also come through with a hint of smokiness and roasted coffee.

    Each bottle of our 100-year reserve balsamic vinegar also includes a wooden gift box which beautifully demonstrates the extravagance within. It can make a perfect center piece for any dinner party, or a fantastic and thoughtful gift for anyone who considers themselves a balsamic vinegar connoisseur.

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