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ROI Ligurian Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - First Cold Pressed EVOO Cultivar Ogliarola-Taggiasca - Polyphenol Rich


  • Ligurian Taggiasca Olive Oil

    OLIVE OIL FROM LIGURIA ITALY - Cultivar Ogliarola-Taggiasca is Italian olive oil from Liguria, Italy, imported and delivered fresh to you.

    OGLIAROLA & TAGGIASCA OLIVES - Due to recent weather conditions, there was only a small yield of Taggiasca olives this year, so we have created this delicious blend of Taggiasca and Ogliarola olives. It is our belief that high-quality ingredients make for the best product, and we will never compromise on the outstanding flavor of our olive oils.

    ALL NATURAL PRODUCTION - Milling the Olives within 24 hr of picking or less, results in high Polyphenols content (antioxidants) you can taste, and Low Acidity levels.

    FRIEND OF THE EARTH (FOE) - Olive trees grow on terraced land on very steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Liguria, Italy- the climate and sea influence the oil's wonderful taste and aroma.

    SMOOTH & LIGHT - The taste is delicate, typical of the Taggiasca Cultivar. It's excellent with every dish, particularly with fish and salads.

  • Ingredients: 100% Ligurian Taggiasca Olives (superior category olive oil), First cold press, Cultivar Ligurian Taggiasca-Ogliarola