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Monograno Felicetti - Ditalini Farro Ancient Grain 100% Organic Pasta - 17.6oz (500g)


  • Organic whole grain Farro pasta, a great healthy option rich in fiber and vitamins. Since 1908 the same family, with the same values, has been working passionately in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites. Monograno Felicetti commits to using only 100% spring water, directly from the mountains in their region, and their grains are 100% organic and whole. Taste Profile: once cooked this unique pasta unravels scents of fresh hazelnut and cooked eggplant pulp. The taste brings out notes of bread crust and peanut butter.  Can be prepared like any other pasta, or added to a soup. Is great for kids.

  • Ingredients: Organic Spelt Wheat (Triticum Dicoccum) Flour, Water. Contains Wheat/Gluten