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Frantoi Cutrera - Capperi Al Sale Marino - Sea Salt Capers - 5.3oz (150g)



  • Capers are the unopened flower buds of a Mediterranean bush.These Trapani sea salt capers are cultivated in Pantelleria, an island off of Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Intense aromatic taste, high content of vitamins A, C, and B. 
    Capers are a great accent to create sour-salty flavor in a dish, great in salads, sauces and fish. Salt-packed capers are known for being less onion, radish aromas and more floral, violets and raspberries.

    Frantoi Cutrera is known for their high quality extra virgin olive oil. The farm has been operating olive groves and processing oil and olives since 1906 in South Eastern Sicily. They also offer a wide variety of jams, herbs, and salts all grown in the same region.

  • Summer Black Rice Salad

    This variety of black rice has an intense aroma and is rich in iron and silicon, very important for its antioxidant properties. Can be used in many different preparations, or just as a side. Here is a recipe for a great, cold, summer rice salad, something Italian’s love as a side or as a healthy meal.

    Yield: serves 5
    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 35 minutes

    Artemide Rice, 1 jar (12 ounces) Artemide by Riso Buono
    Mozzarella cheese, 12 ounces
    Fresh tomatoes, 4 diced
    Salted Capers, 2 tablespoons Capers in sea salt by Segreti di Sicilia
    Depitted olives, 3 tablespoons Olive Taggiasche denocciolate by Roi
    Fresh basil, one bunch
    Fresh prawns, 10 cleaned
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 tablespoons Il Sincero by Viola
    Sea Salt and Black Pepper, to taste

    Utensils needed
    Large pot, pan and bowl

    Cook the rice in boiling salted water for about 35 minutes, taste to determine when it is ready. Slice the prawns is smaller pieces, in a pan heat 1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cook prawns for about 3 minutes, stirring so that they cook through. In a separate bowl prepare your dressing: mix all other ingredients, then add the cooked prawns. Once rice is ready set aside to cool for about ten minutes, then add to the bowl to all other ingredients. Serve cold.

  • Ingredients: Capers(90%), Salt. May contain traces of nuts, celery, milk-based products.